A new genus and species: Pilummede penderensis (Decapoda: Brachyura) from the Castle Hayne Limestone Formation (Eocene) of Pender County, North Carolina (USA)

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Discovery of new material from two previously known outcrops in the Bartonian and Priabonian levels of the Castle Hayne Lime-
stone Formation (Eocene) of Pender County (North Carolina, USA), permits the description of a new decapod genus and species,

Pilummede penderensis, and the assignation to it of specimens from the same outcrops, hitherto described as Lessinicarcinus euglyphos.

Even though some of the studied specimens exhibit dorsal carapaces exquisitely well-preserved, only little of ventral structures have

been preserved, precluding a proper familial placement. Nevertheless, based on overall similarities, the new taxon is placed within

Pilumnoidea with reservations. Comparisons with related forms show that the dorsal pattern of Pilummede penderensis is widely shared

by a variety of fossil and extant decapod taxa.

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